ADZEE’S NATION Who We Are and What We Do?

On the 8th of November 2017 this planet lost a brilliant shining star Adam “Adzee” Merai, his life cut prematurely short by complications during minor knee surgery. Adam was a young man of 24 years gifted with incredible kindness and wisdom, he brought love laughter compassion and just the right amount of silly craziness to have a profound and lasting effect on his family and his friends, spreading happiness wherever he went.

ADZEE’S NATION a not for profit organisation was established. The charity has been registered as a limited company with charitable status in Ireland. The message was simple “Life is easier when you are Happy”

On Adam’s first birthday away from home the 1sst December 2017, the day that Adam would have turned twenty five, Adzeefication Nation and the term To Adzeefy was gifted to Adam’s memory by Adam’s Aunt Lynn, bringing the idea of spreading happiness and joy in Adam’s name, Adam’s Mother Ms Breda Merai decided that her son’s death should not be the end, and took the brave decision to do something special in his memory, a celebration of his life. Breda decided to turn words into actions and Adzeefication Nation became ADZEE’S NATION.