Breda Merai


On the 8th November 2017 I was driving home from work I received tht news that no mother should hear, my son Adam 24 years had complications during simple knee surgery surgery and died. On that evening my world and my life changed forever. Going through the motions for the next three making preparations for his funeral I was numbed with pain and grief at the loss of my beautiful boy. I also was feeling so much pain for my surviving son Naz on losing his young brother and for how he was going to cope? During that time I made a very conscious decision that this would not be the end of my boy. I would set up a Charity as “My simple Act of Kindness” as a gift to my son and also for Naz as a legacy. A Charity to raise funds to help the homeless and children that deserved a better chance in life. Adam had worked with the homeless in his adopted hone Berlin and taught children in very poor villages in India. Lynn and Naz supported my idea. Aunty Lynn has given me such great support throughout my loss. On Adam’s first birthday away from home Aunty Lynn came up with the idea of “Adzeefication” which she gifted to Adam for his birthday so that every 1st December family and friends would celebrate his life raising funds to help the charities that Adam was very affiliated with and so “ADZEES NATION” was born.

Adam beautiful soul who from a very young age displayed incredible kindness and compassion. A memory I will always have is once he was given €2 by work colleagues and on our way home he seen a homeless man and he walked over an put his € in his basket. Whenever he received money from family or friends he would save and this he would spend it on our Birthday or Christmas gifts.

The thought he put into selecting gift and handmade card reflected in the person he was gifting it to. His love of music was from an early stage when he played the thin whistle fluently. One Christmas he wanted a guitar from Santa, into Waltons got guitar and started his lessons.. Later on in adult life he always said he will take up his guitar again. Any household chores he made as enjoyable as possible putting on his DR DRE headphones and would dance and sing to hearts content. At bedtime even the headphones went. So many nights I would go in remove them and have a giggle to myself. What I would give to do this now. ?

Whilst he was in college he did voluntary work with Youth Reach and this was where he was happiest. His passion for helping others and knowing the he made a difference to someone’s life made him really happy. When Adam decided to go to Berlin after college like any parent I was very sad to see him go. When I visited him in Berlin during his final year Erasmus I could understand why he chose Berlin. It was Adzee’s city. He worked with children 8-15 years teaching English and counselling and it was all done through love, laughter and kindness. Chores that the children had to do would not feel like chores as he always brought a fun side to them. He had an opportunity to tap into all the things he loved music, dance, arts and film whilst in Berlin as it it had all these in abundance and it all starting falling into place with offers of doing what he love.

On his trip to India he was very touched by the poverty. And I always remember a story he told me. He landed in this very poor village and some children came to him looking for food. He went to a shop and purchased €3 of food. He brought it to their shanty little hut with family of 8. They were very thankful to him and said what you have given us will last a month. He was so taken back by this. For only €3 what it did. He did voluntary work teaching the children how to make gifts and survival skills that would help their family. So Adzee your Charity will ensure that you are never forgotten. The kindness, love, laughter and positive energy you transferred to family, friends and to people globally even in such a short time will continue to “Adzeefy” with your charity by celebrating your life on 1st December every year with music, dance spreading love and kindness.

I am so proud to be your Mother and the times we spent together and the many amazing holidays we did a forever engraved in my memory. They give me consolation and comfort at times when I feel so much pain. You are forever in my heart and I know you are always around me. I promise to work on “ITS YOUR TIME MAMMY” diary you gave me and let you know how I am doing ! Also the car seatbelt I hear you voice everytime I get into the car and in that moment I feel you right beside me. So until we meet again my son. Keep shining your light down on your family.
Mammy and Naz.